Friday, June 13, 2014

Adventure Surprise Part II - Harrisburg, PA

So close, yet so far. :-(

I just, I couldn't live in an apartment like this. I have a hard enough time in a detached house having to hear my neighbors son blasting his music now and then.

Itsa me, Mario!


What a purty library

That's a big ol bridge, did I ever mention I'm not a big fan of bridges?

Why is 3/4 of the bridge a metal grate that I can see through and think unpleasant thoughts about?

Look up, not down, Adrienne.

It's ok Mama,

You can't fall through!

At the end of the bridge was a really run down arcade. The skeeball worked though, so I was happy. :-)

Yup, I walked across that. Only jogged on the way back. High five.

Do horses get vertigo or irrational fears of a bridge collapsing?


These boys...

Portraits with toddlers...

Whose hand is that??? I wish I'd gotten a shot from the other side now, this is really bothering me.

Beautiful Pennsylvania countryside. Though a wee bit smelly... 
Take the road away and I would totally live here.
Who knew Scotland was so close???

Monday, June 9, 2014

Adventure Surprise Part I

This past Friday, I saw where Erica had mentioned that they were going to a kickball tournament in Harrisburg, PA. I turned to Jordan and asked him "How far is Harrisburg from us?". Turns out it was only about 3 hours, so we made plans to hop in the car early Saturday morning and head to Pennsylvania to surprise Erica & Todd. Here are some pictures from the tournament and Carlisle, PA. I will have more pictures from our exploration of Harrisburg later.

I didn't get a picture of us surprising them, didn't quite work out as planned. But there was a nice playground there and Carl and Jack immediately wanted to bring Aunt Erica over to play. 

Those kickballers were in excellent shape for the most part, I was kind of expecting a bit heftier group of people with it being, you know, kickball...
Um, heeeey Erica

Ewica, Ewica!!! Carl may have kinda sorta completely replaced his Mama with Auntie Erica during this adventure.

Um Dada, I think that car may be a little small for you.

Fearless little dude

Carlisle, PA. There was a Ford show going on around there so Matthew was pretty happy car watching as we walked around.

Not sure why, but I found this funny.

These mock storefronts were inside an antique store and those are actual stores in the town.

Gingerbread Man, NOT a candy store, I discovered. pout.

A series of shots of my little monkey.

We found a playground at a school where the previous shots were taken, then we walked down beside it to another park where we found these geese having a rest.

Not a fan of this style of bridge.

So idyllic.

Splash pad!

This boy right here, lookit that face!!! 
I think he might have liked it, what do you think?


Such form!

Awesomesauce castle around the corner from the splash pad, only way to get Carl away from the water.

Other half. That kid right there was right in front of an amazing playground and chose to play on his dagburned phone! GAH!

Poor little guy did so much walking, he was wiped out!


We had left Uncle Todd at the tournament so we headed back with the intent to get the boys to rest.

No rest!

There are kickballs and people!!!

Uppy, uppy

Poor Dada, got up before dawn and got the boys in the car and drove us the 3 hours here and the boys just won't let him rest!

If Dada's laying down that means it's jungle gym time!